Air Conditioning Installation, Service & Repair

Proper air conditioning systems can make the difference between a wonderful summer, and a miserable one. At M&M Heating & Cooling, we have developed a system that ensures total efficiency of all the products we install. We make sure that the systems we install and service have at least a 95% efficiency rating. This means that for every dollar you spend on your cooling bill, .95 cents of it actually goes towards cooling your home.

Air Conditioning Service & Repair

Types of Air Conditioning System

There are two common types of air conditioning systems that people use to cool their homes and buildings, which are as follows:

  • Central Air – central air is a forced air cooling system that uses an external engine. Generally sitting on the side or at the back of a home, these air conditioning systems take the hot air from inside the home and convert it into cool air using refrigerant liquid. The rest of the heated air is pushed outside. The cool air is then dispersed throughout the home or building much like that of a forced air furnace, using ducts and vents.
  • Window Air Conditioning – these units are seen in many homes throughout America. They work much like a central air system, but only on a much smaller level. Generally, a window air conditioner is meant to cool only one room. A single window unit will be less money to own and operate but when you find yourself thinking about buying several window units for placement throughout your home you would be wiser to call M&M and get an estimate for a whole house air conditioning system. Give us a call, you will be comfortable you did!

What Types of Air Conditioning System Does M&M Service and install?

The experts at M&M Heating & Cooling can service or install virtually any brand or type of air conditioner, but the majority of people use heating and cooling systems from common national brands, such as the ones listed below. M&M Heating & Cooling offers financing with approved credit on new residential installations.