Furnace Repair, Service & Installation

Nearly all American homes are heated by furnaces or radiators. Radiators are typically found in older homes and buildings. Due to superior heat distribution and modern technology, furnaces naturally make up the majority of all heating systems. Furnaces work by forcing heated air through ducts that open up to vents commonly found in most rooms of a house or building.

Furnace Repair, Service & Installation

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Common Types of Furnaces

There are three common types of furnaces generally found on the market, and the technicians at M&M Heating & Cooling can service and install them all. The three common types include the following:

  • Common Furnaces – as described above, these circulate heat throughout a home or building by forcing heated air through ducts that open up to vents.
  • High Efficiency Forced Air – according to the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency chart, heating costs can be broken down like this: say for every $1 you spend on gas for heating, .65 cents (or 65%) goes into heating your home. Using this equation, your furnace operates at a 65% efficiency rating, which is low. With a high efficiency furnace, you won’t lose nearly as much heat. These generally operate at 90% or higher, essentially paying for themselves.
  • Geothermal – geothermal heating takes the natural heat found in the Earth, and distributes it throughout your home or building. A geothermal heating system essentially uses a heat pump, mostly comprised of tubes, to take naturally stored heat from underground and to disperse it throughout your home. This heating system is safe, natural, economical, and inexpensive.

What Types of Furnaces can M&M Service and install?

The experts at M&M Heating & Cooling can service or install virtually any brand or type of furnace, but the majority of people use heating and cooling systems from common national brands, such as the ones listed below. M&M Heating & Cooling also offers financing with approved credit on new residential installations.