Heating & Cooling Service Plan

star-bronze Bronze Service Plan

By selecting the Bronze Plan, M&M Heating and Cooling will provide the following:

  • One Fall 15-point cleaning and inspection of the complete heating system
  • One Spring 15-point cleaning and inspection of the complete cooling system
  • Prompt professional service
  • Hot water tank, air cleaner, humidifiers additional charge

What Commonly Goes Wrong In HVAC System?

  • Cooling System: Condenser Fan Motor, Refrigerant, Belts, Pulleys, Shaft, Blower, Bearings, High Pressure Switch, Low Pressure Switch, Thermostat, Contractor, Stating Relay, Start Capacitor, Transformer, TXV, 3lb Max Refrigerant Change per Season, (Compressor, Condenser Coil & Evaporator Coil, when under manufacturer’s Warranty.)
  • Heating System: Indoor Blower Motor, Gas Valve, Standard Thermostat, Electric Ignition Controls, Transformers, Fan Limit Control, Combustion Fan, Blower, Thermocouple, Pilot, Orifices, Belts, Bearings, Pulley, Shaft, Heat Exchanger (when under Manufacturer’s Warranty.)
  • Hot Water Heater: Gas Control Valve, Pressure Relief Valve, Thermocouple, Pilot Assembly, Gas Regulator
  • Humidifier: Float Assembly, Humidistat, Pad, Transformer (No Water Circuit)
  • Air Cleaner: Power Pack Assembly