Custom Duct Fabrication

If you are in the market for a new heating & air conditioning system or an HVAC contractor, M&M can custom design and recommend a system that is matched to your home. The process begins with an evaluation of your home where we calculate heat loss and heat gain of your structure.

M&M performs computerized heat loss and heat gain analysis to insure every system is properly sized for the home. We want to insure that at least 95 cents of every energy dollar spent is used to heat or cool the home.

HVAC contractor

The same analysis and recommendations can be made from blueprints if you’re considering new construction. M&M has an in-house sheet metal department that fabricates custom components to insure efficient design and proper fit as well as good appearance. Custom designed, precision-made parts prevent air leaks, improve flow performance, and provide a cleaner installation.

An example is the unique filter rack. It’s commercial quality insures easy filter changing and is sealed to prevent leaks. We are also capable of fabricating complex duct work design vs off the shelf design typical of the completion.