Repair or Replace?

Video Transcript fort SEO:

How do you know when it’s time replace your heating or air conditioning unit? The first question you have to ask yourself is – How old is the system? Is your furnace more than 15 years old? If so you should really consider replacing that unit.

People often ask, what brand of air conditioner or furnace should I buy? The more important question should be, who is going to install and service the system?

With over 30 years experience, 24/7 emergency service and thousands of satisfied customers you can trust M&M. We often get asked, do you give free estimates? The answer is absolutely yes! We’ll come out and evaluate your homes heating and air conditioning needs. We’ll recommend the most efficient system for your home and give you an estimate at that time.

By the way M&M has a price match guarantee, so you won’t be able to buy a furnace or air conditioning unit from anybody else for less money. Give us a call, you’ll feel comfortable you did!